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Stages and Structures

Orbit Stage

The Orbit stage was originally designed by Mr George Wemyss way back when the Cold War was upon us. Originally designed for use as aircraft hangars and storage facilities for our military so they were able to withstand both high and low temperatures and wind speeds. We own two of these structures, coupled with our bespoke decking system (Kwikform steel) that is as strong as you will ever get, able to withstand 7.5 tonnes per square metre, it also provides serious ballast for the roof itself, being bolted together through every arch makes things very sturdy. We don't need a flat surface to build your stage, sloping just about any angle, any rough terrain, and even in lakes and rivers if you need it! We don't need a crane to erect this stage, so if you have a tight working area or a need to preserve your grass then this stage lends itself very well indeed, giving you the covered space within budget while still being strong enough for your band's demanding lighting and sound requirements.
The width is 15.6 meters and the depth will vary depending on how much backstage area you need, though each arch is 3.6m apart with a "D" end at the rear giving an extra 15.6m x 7.2m of space. PA wings and other structures like ramps, side sheds, front of houses and disabled viewing platforms are also provided. Multiple access / egress allows great roll on roll off working practices with multiple doors over 8 feet wide that operate with zips for ease of use.
There are no straight lines in nature, and nothing is more pleasing to the eye than a dome structure such as an Orbit Stage roof, tried and tested for the last 30 years as a solid and trustworthy system that your lighting and sound engineers will feel safe with.

8m Orbit Stage

A conventional orbit style stage with 'D-end'. The cantilever arch has a 5m roof height. The stage can be built and de-rigged quickly and can be configured with the D-end and cantilever only for 4m depth or with a centre bay giving over 8m stage depth allowing a centre stage scrim and rear set up area. The stage is built on a standard 2.4m bay cup lock scaffolding deck system at required height above ground level with rear handrails steps and ramps if needed.

G2 Stage

28m diameter, hexagonal arched structure with seventh arch stage pod. This structure is ground pinned or ballasted on base frames. A 10m x 10m stage can fit in the stage pod and any configuration of stage deck can be built inside the main structure. It has excellent rigging and décor potential and has been used a semi-covered venue with the audience under the main atrium or as a bandstand with a 60 piece orchestra filling the whole covered area. The side arches are over 7m high and the structure allows amazing site lines for large audiences extending well outside the structure as well as providing an involving and inclusive space under the roof. Side arch scrims are available.

G3 Stage

The G3 utilises two pointed fifth or gothic arch forms combined with a semicircular cantilever arch at the front. The structure is built on heavy duty G stages cup lock deck system at a minimum width of 16.8m with integral ballast frames. The deck can be levelled above any ground slope and extended to the sides and rear with side sheds and covered set up areas as required. The stage features an actual 15m internal truss to truss stage area with high roof space and additional rigging potential both in terms of loading weights and height. The front arch is 8m high.


I have worked with Spike for over 10 years and have always been awed by his professionalism, work ethic and our mutual love of a good cake. Spike and his crews erect and dismantle his stages with care and absolute precision. The completed stage always looks immaculate as he cares for and maintains his stock to the highest standard. On a personal level Spike is a joy to have on any site. He motivates and inspires those around him and nothing is too much trouble in helping any member of the festival team whatever their role. I cannot recommend Spike and Trust Events highly enough.

David Walker-Collins

Event/Artist/Tour Manager

I have known Spike from Trust Events for many years. He is one of the nicest people I have worked with in this industry. His commitment to our festival and to me personally, has been second to none. He supplies all the stages at Black Deer, and not only that, he gives his personal time to help out elsewhere on the festival, when the stages are all in place.
His team, whom I have known many of them for a good few years, are group of hardworking guys, who will go the extra mile.
I have no hesitation in recommending Spike and Trust Events for any staging requirements, where you want a good job done, with no hassle, a friendly smile and value for money.

Gill Tee

Co-Founder, Producer, Promoter at the Black Deer Festival

I have known Spike for several years and he is a creative and innovative business man, who pays superb attention to detail. He understands music, staging, lighting and is reliable and efficient.

What helps is that his own musical background makes his knowledge of events and staging second to none. Highly recommended and a pleasure to work with.

Monique Zahavi

Business Admin and Customer Relationship ProfessionalPositive Psychology Practitioner

Prolyte Stage

Prolyte make some of the finest smaller roof structures there are in the industry. World-famous for their strength and durability in design, coupled with our bespoke Kwikform steel stage decking system increases the workability of this roof, in that we can erect it virtually anywhere, adding to it a series of PA wings of all sizes, ramps, steps and front of houses that all match the roof and its appeal.
PA wings, ramps and steps like our in our bigger stages are all locked into the main structure for further support, the weight of the steel underneath providing huge ballast assistance in high winds. This of course can also be added to should weather warnings be issued. 98 mph was the highest recorded wind speed for this roof, and though not pleasant, the stage remained safe, although all of the audience had long gone home (or blew away).
 This is our own Prolyte "ARC" roof, it has a playing area of 8m width and 6m in depth, additional storage (covered) can be added to the rear for flight cases/red room etc. Side sheds and PA wings can also allow further covered storage/working space offstage.

Bandstand Stage

This is a heavy-duty 10m diameter covered structure built on our steel decking. Usually, this is circular but can be extended with steps, ramps, handrails, and configured as required. The deck can be leveled at any height on any slope and can be ballasted or ground anchored for use on grass or hard standing to withstand high wind speeds. Currently, there are 2 bandstand structures available for hire and additional semi tensile roof sheets can be custom made. The structure can also be side walled around at the vertical poles to provide a covered 'backstage' area. The structure has been used very successfully as a bar with a central circular serving area. The installation of the structure is simple, requiring little in the way of plant or plant movement that can damage the site.

Modular Cup Lock Stages

2015 new addition to compliment our other bigger stages. Ideal for local or community events or secondary and smaller stages at major festivals and concerts. They provide an affordable alternative to the heavier production stages and can be erected without the use of plant which makes them ideal for inaccessible or sensitive sites where plant movement and / or access is not possible.

Available stage widths: 2.4m, 4.8m, 7.2m, 9.6m. Available stage depths: 2.4m, 4.8m, 7.2m
Deck height: as required. Roof height: as required. Steps and ramps: yes as required.

Sound Booth Stage (Front of House)

This structure provides a unique solution to a front of house or control booth or can be used as a small stage either on the ground with a stage inside or on a deck. 3.6m width 6m depth and 3m height.

10m Tensile Stage Canopy

Quick to erect with 3 high points at 4m and 3 low points at 2m. An elegant solution to a temporary outdoor stage.

Cup-lock Scaffolding Stage Deck System

We have developed own version of cup lock scaffolding adapted for use in the staging business to improve logistics, safety and strength. It uses standard bays and heights.

Standard and Custom Steel Decking

We fabricate our own steel decking in standard 8'x4' sections with handrails and steps as required. We also carry 8'x2', 4'x4', 4'x2', 4'x6' sections.

Specials: Quadrant sections in order to create circular stages (8' diameter). Triangular sections (4'x8') to create shaped ends to stages (triangular steel deck is 4'x4' 45 degrees angle and 8'x4' 22.5 degrees angle). 
Tiered staging ramps and steps.
Rolling risers.
Aluminum decks on wheels.

Additional Equipment and Structures

Additional stage solutions include an aluminum archway with inflatable decoration, covered mini bandstand, tiered covered arena seating, catwalk stages, modular marquees, speaker towers, platforms, rolling risers, and ballasting systems.
We can also manufacture additional structures and has a specialist and experienced team to rig and de-rig as required.

Speaker Masts

These masts are of heavy-duty steel construction and have been designed for up to 2-tonne loadings.
The structural design calculations also take into account wind speeds of 25m/s in any direction not just affecting the structure itself but also the surface area of the speaker cluster being employed.
The 9m and 12m heights are 'real heights' to the top of the speaker cluster so the 12m mast is actually 13.5m high.

Covered Towers

Based on a 2.4m bay and constructed using the cup lock system to any height or width and with multiple floor levels. They can be used as speaker towers, front of house control towers, Lighting or camera positions and DJ platforms.

Give us a call! We are always happy to hear from anyone we may be able to help.