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Take a look at some of the structures we own and feel free to give us a call. There’s a lot more to Trust Events Ltd than staging alone. We also offer services such as SOUND, LIGHTING, RIGGING, PIT BARRIERS and we would be delighted to hear from you.
We are based in Somerset, and we provide indoor and outdoor festival stages and platforms all over The UK and EUROPE.

Specialist stage hire - Trust Events

Our team

All Of Trust Events Crews have been working together for many years and are personal as well as professional friends, the team's strengths are drawn together for the sole purpose of building a great stage in sometimes difficult conditions whilst maintaining morale and discipline.
Friendships are key here in looking out for each other, eliminating hazards, and having a real understanding of each other’s capabilities whilst focusing on each milestone of your build.
As the Owner of Trust Events Ltd I understand just how important having the right crew is for everyone involved, and I am very proud of the calibre of professionals within the Team, and even more proud to know them all as friends.
Most of our Teams have been with us for over 12 years, and some from the beginning some 19 years ago!

Hire the professionals

We can then look closely at your stage hire requirements anywhere in the UK, link up with your PA and lighting company, and make their job easier and more fluid, saving time and stress, with minimum fuss.

Orbit Stage - Trust Events

Orbit Stage Specialists

The Orbit stage was originally designed by Mr. George Wemyss way back when the Cold War was upon us. Originally designed for use as aircraft hangars and storage facilities for our military so they were able to withstand both high and low temperatures and wind speeds. We own two of these structures, coupled with our bespoke decking system (Kwikform steel) that is as strong as you will ever get, able to withstand 7.5 tonnes per square metre, it also provides serious ballast for the roof itself, being bolted together through every arch makes things very sturdy.

STS Touring

STS Touring

We are very lucky to have friends like STS Touring. We work together perfectly and in doing so have managed to provide STAGE | SOUND | LIGHTING | BACKLINE | ENGINEERS | RIGGING | STAGE MANAGEMENT AND PRODUCTION for our clients to the highest standards at a price that keeps the wheels turning without breaking the bank, without taking valuable time from our client, and by working efficiently as a team, taking less time on build-up/break down and thus reducing the overall cost further. With the whole team on site, our promoters can concentrate fully on the many other tasks they need to perform in getting their show on the road.

  • STS Amazing Sound & Lighting

    Having a vast choice of pro Audio and Visual Touring equipment is vital. Skilled engineers who maintain this equipment are at the top of their game and create sound rigs to fit the slots required, making it all look easy. Great care is taken with each venue, indoors or outdoors, paying close attention to our performers' requirements and how THEY like to sound is paramount. Lighting also creates through STS Tourings huge supply of visual tricks the most amazing sense of expectation, utilising its own in house lighting directors who mirror the sound quality experience. Over the years STS have worked (and continue to work) with the world's most famous artists and bands and have earned their place as the preferred audio & lighting show and touring company to the biggest selling artists of our time.

  • Backline

    Touring any show or festival you just HAVE to have equipment a band will be proud to perform with. You cannot make do with anything less than the finest quality instruments, properly cared for and presented fault free, ready to go. From antique to custom made, STS Touring provides all major manufacturers' instrument models, saving much-needed space during the course of a tour, and creating an easy solution to backline requirements, enabling any Artist's tech crew to plug and play, reducing the time spent prior to sound checking, reducing the overall cost & reducing the headache.

Massey Wilcox Trucking


From the very beginning we thought hard about who would we trust with our logistics and the one company that stood head and shoulders above all the others was Massey Wilcox. First off, the livery blazing red and silver sets the trucks aside from the norm, each truck kept in beautiful condition mechanically as well as polish and elbow grease by their drivers to the highest of standards. Massey Wilcox also have a great understanding of our industry. They know being late is not an option for us. Either dropping off or indeed picking up, driver operators within Massey are second to none, often lending a hand with load & unload procedures, and driving huge trucks through places you wouldn't want to ride a bike...and they make it look easy!

  • Proud to see Masseys Trucking on site

    Mike Ham first got us going at Masseys, and stuck with us as we did with him through thick and thin. His post is now filled by Norman who, with Clive, makes sure we are right on the money all of the time. Clive sets all the wheels in motion for us and we enjoy a great rapport, organising within Masseys all of our transport operations around The Country and TIR. Masseys have a huge network of destinations and trucks. Because of this, backloading from our sites in the middle of nowhere can offset the entire cost, keeping us competitive too! There are bigger firms (though not too many), but Massey Wilcox is a perfect size company, where its customers are treasured, whilst having enough trucks to get any job delivered on time and on budget.


Stage fabrication

We can also fabricate our own structures too! That means we can make bespoke structures to meet your event requirements.

Health & Safety

First and foremost, the wellbeing and safety of those who work with us is the most important aspect of any project. No one can afford to take chances in any industry, and with so much going on, usually in arduous conditions, tight working spaces, and unfamiliar surfaces, new hazards could spring up any time and just when you weren't expecting them. As we are first on the site of any project, we set the tone and provide the examples regarding methods and safety.
Prior to any commencement of work, a brief on the ground to be covered is explained to all team members, access on and off the site, potential hazards, working hours and working goals that the whole team agree to for that day’s work, first aid and actions on emergency, all as part of The Toolbox Talk, and in accordance with HSE guidelines and rules. A thorough check of all PPE is then carried out by the crew chief for serviceability and cleanliness. Particular attention is paid to ropes and climbing equipment, pulleys, and strops.
We operate a strict Health and Safety Policy in accordance with HSE guidelines which may be sent to our clients via email along with full and concise method statements, any risk assessments, drawings and calculations including actions on high winds and other diverse weather conditions, insurances both public and employers up to 10m.
All crew members operating machinery are fully licensed to do so, and all lifting practices are in accordance with LOLER.

Music festival - Trust Events Stages
Trust Events Stages - time board
G3 Stage - Trust Events Stages
Trust Events Stages - live show
Trust Events Stages
Music festival - Trust Events Stages


Spike is one of the funniest, most generous, and professional people I have ever worked with. He would literally break his back to provide a quality service to his customers and would give his last pound to anyone that needs it. A man of integrity and kindness, I would recommend him to any potential clients.

Nick Doyle MSc MSyl

Managing Director & Head of Security Risk Management EMEA at Kroll

I would recommend Spike and Trust event staging for any small to medium sized outdoor event. Spike is very personable and goes the extra mile to ensure the client is happy with the end result. We have used Spikes staging on Black Deer festival since its inception and hope to do so for as long as possible.

Emma Reynolds-Taylor

Production Director & Company Owner at Library Productions Ltd

I worked with Spike and his Stage crew at the Chillfest Festival,at a managerial position and found them all very professional ,in fact they are described as a "Family"and that is true, their work and professionalism is second to none, I am looking forward to working with them again.

Geoff Bennett

Owner at ATB Security LTD

Give us a call! We are always happy to hear from anyone we may be able to help.